your relationship  

no longer feels like

the one you said

'yes' to?  

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…none of the surface issues—the dishes, the kids, sex—are the root cause of your relationship woes…

We show up to our relationships with our early childhood experiences, previous relationship histories, beliefs and perceptions, trusting that our new love will resolve them all. But when challenges arise, we end up repeating old patterns.


You once felt the romantic and fun part in your relationship. You felt like a team, ready to solve any problem at hand. But now, each conversation devolves into another blame game and you keep having the same fight over and over again. 

Maybe you have committed to fair play, become fluent in your partner's love language, and learned everything you can about how to get the love you want, yet you remain unhappy in your relationship and you don't understand why.

This is where Dr. Tracy's new book I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS can help.


Part memoir, part self-help, Dr. Tracy uses case studies from her own practice to help you uncover old patterns and finally get unstuck in your relationships. One of these case studies is her own relationship with her husband.

I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS weaves storytelling with practical, therapeutic advice, allowing you to assess your own relationship, learn how to work through conflict and express your feelings in a productive way. 

With unflinching candor and heartfelt empathy, she digs to the root of the issues that fuel our day-to-day relationship conflicts and illuminates the common struggle of what it means to be human: the incredible difficulty of showing up wholly and authentically in our most intimate relationship with others and with ourselves.

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** Book will be released on 09/12 **
Meet Dr. Tracy,
Meet the Author
Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Psychologist & Couples Therapist


As a clinical psychologist, couples therapist, and sought-after relationship expert with over fifteen years of experience, Dr. Tracy has provided direct clinical services to couples and has dedicated her time to researching, writing, and speaking about relationships. Her goal is to make the skills and tools she teaches her clients more accessible so they can build healthier relationships with themselves and others. 

Dr. Tracy is the owner of Integrated Wellness, a mental health clinic in Ottawa, Ontario, where she lives with her husband and two children. She has extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and has been published in books, journals and online media. Her popular Instagram account (@DrTracyD) has more than 195k followers and has allowed her to bring sound, therapeutic advice to a broader audience.


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