After the Fight: How to Repair

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Many people struggle after the fight to feel close again.

✨ Maybe you're stuck in finding who is right or wrong.

✨ Maybe you feel a wall between you two, even after the "I'm sorry."

✨ Maybe you're starting to feel more frustrated because neither one of you return to hard conversations.

A hard truth: Many people didn't learn how to repair after conflict. But you CAN feel closer and you CAN repair and build your connection again.

This workshop is perfect for:

👉 Couples wanting to level up their relationship and learn tools to keep their connection alive

👉 Couples feeling stuck and needing direction on what to do next

👉 Individuals, even if your partner isn't willing to do this work, you CAN make changes


With this workshop:

Discover why repairing is so important. 

✅ Gain insight into why you or your partner struggle to repair and say "I'm sorry."

✅ Learn how to actually acknowledge what is happening and apologize.

✅ Get scripts you can implement right away with your partner.

Understand how to effectively navigate the repair, even when they don't want to.

Plus, this workshop includes a live Q&A with Dr. Tracy, answering the most common questions that show up for you. You'll learn not only how to repair with your lover, but also other important people in your life.


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Regularly $27 Now $17