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I empower people to heal so that you can show up in a meaningful way - for your family, your relationship, and yourself.

Meet Dr. Tracy,
Meet Dr. Tracy
I'm a Clinical Psychologist, Author, Mom of 2, and Creator of Be Connected.

I knew that I wanted to take what I learned in my clinical practice and bring it to you. I know how hard it is to get help when you need it. Availability of practitioners, time away from family, along with the financial burden of consistent on-going support. I wanted to break these barriers to getting the tools when you need them. 

So I got to work growing a community online and sharing my expertise with all of you.  

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa. I have spent over 15 years in practice working with individuals and couples, and training with renowned relationship experts.

Here is what I know: We learn through stories, so my promise to you is to show up authentically. Because even though I am a psychologist, no one is immune to struggling.


I'm on a mission...
To help you break old relationship cycles and find joy in your relationships. If we wait for something to change, we know that nothing changes. Sometimes our partners are not on board. Or therapy is costly. Or we don't have the time. Change doesn't have to be that hard. 


"Thank you for creating Be Connected. The community aspect was really great- I never felt like I was alone in my struggles. The website was easy to navigate and the materials and assessments were extremely eye opening. I love how hands on Tracy is as well. Really cool to have a real life psychologist hear you out when you need it. It felt personal. I’m really thankful to have been a part of this community."

- Be Connected Member

Relationship Expert

PhD Clinical Psychology - University of Ottawa

Owner of Integrated Wellness, a mental health clinic in Ottawa

Extensively trained in Emotion Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)

Collaborated with Meta on the launch of their Facebook Audio Rooms

Creator of Be Connected Digital and 4+ Seasons of I'm Not Your Shrink Podcast

Co-author of 2 chapters in academic books and multiple peer-reviewed journal articles

Author of "I Didn't Sign Up For This: Stories of Unlocking Old Patterns and Finding Joy in Our Relationships" with PESI Publishing Inc.

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Improve Your Relationship

Get the support you need. Work with me in Be Connected


Having the Same Fight? 

Find your relationship pattern keeping you stuck


Struggling to Feel Close?

You just had a fight, but not sure what to do next

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9 Facts About Me

  1. I love a good routine, which takes the energy out of decision making. One consistent thing each day is that I eat a banana every morning
  2. I am most happy when I am walking - through the city streets or in the farm found in the middle of Ottawa
  3.  I have two children, and a West Highland Terrier named Lachlan
  4. Returning to work after my second child was challenging. I don't believe we ever find "balance," but we find ways to connect with what is meaningful to us.
  5. My last name is tricky. It is Scottish. Try pronouncing all the letters. Dalg-leish
  6. We had a miscarriage before our first..no one was talking about miscarriages and I remember feeling deeply alone.
  7. I was initially on the med-school track to become a Psychiatrist. 
  8. I have a diverse interest in music. From the oldies, to the 80's, to today's EDM.
  9. There are times when I tear in session with my clients. I believe my greatest tool as a therapist is to continue to be human with my clients.
I'm Not Your Shrink

I bring you clinical knowledge and evidence based research, along with experiences of sitting in the therapist chair along with being a wife and mother. I'm joined by subject matter experts to talk about everyday issues we all face to change the dialogue in your life.