Unveiling the Unspoken: Navigating Motherhood and Marriage with Nina Caviggola

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Image of Dr. Tracy and Nina with title Motherhood and marriage unfiltered

Drawing from the insightful conversation with Nina Caviggola on the "I'm Not Your Shrink" podcast episode titled "Motherhood and Marriage Unfiltered," I couldn't wait to share with you my takeaways from this episode.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out all that Nina has to offer on her podcast, Mama Knows, and join her hundreds of thousands in her online community focused on motherhood and mid-size fashion. 

Here are three key takeaways from our conversation:

  1. The Importance of Communication and Vulnerability: One of the central themes Nina emphasizes is the critical role of open and honest communication between partners, especially after welcoming a child into their lives. The transition to parenthood can significantly alter the dynamics of a relationship, bringing new challenges and stressors. Nina advocates for the expression of vulnerability and needs without fear of judgment, allowing couples to navigate this transition more smoothly and strengthen their bond. Getting vulnerable is hard! Check on my blog post on expressing feelings to start making changes.

  2. Self-Care and Individual Identity: Nina passionately speaks to the necessity of self-care and maintaining one's individual identity beyond the roles of motherhood and partnership. She highlights how easy it is for mothers, in particular, to lose sight of their own needs and aspirations amidst the demands of family life. By advocating for personal space, self-care practices, and the pursuit of individual passions, Nina underscores that a fulfilled and balanced self directly contributes to healthier and happier relationships. I believe that to know true intimacy with our partners, we need to first nurture that intimacy within ourselves.

  3. Redefining Success and Seeking Support: The societal pressures and idealized perceptions of motherhood (and relationships!) can be overwhelming and unrealistic. Nina's conversation brings to light the importance of redefining success on one's own terms, acknowledging that perfection in motherhood and marriage is a myth. She encourages women to set personal benchmarks for success that align with their values and realities. Moreover, Nina stresses the significance of seeking support, whether through open dialogues with partners, forming connections with other mothers, or professional help, to navigate the complexities of motherhood and marriage with resilience and confidence.

No one prepared me for just how hard motherhood and our marriage would be when I first became a parent. My identity felt turned upside down, and our connection felt strained. Having these open and authentic conversations allows us to draw back the curtain, normalize the real struggle people experience, and find steps to move forward.

To listen to my conversation with Nina, click here.


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