When You and Your Partner Feel And Express Emotions Differently

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When it comes to our relationships, we must acknowledge that we are two separate people coming together, which means that we will feel and express our emotions very differently.

The challenge?

This can be hard in a relationship, especially when one partner tends to not express their emotions or gets overwhelmed by your expression of emotions. What may end up happening is that it becomes hard to communicate feelings and needs. And being able to do this effectively is what helps to strengthen our relationship.

Here’s the question I was asked:

“When I get tearful, my partner gets overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do. What should I do in this situation? ” 

So, when you are struggling to express yourself because of your emotions, try these strategies:

  • Ground yourself – push your feet into the ground and focus on all of the feelings in your feet.
  • Get in the present moment – what is surrounding you? What are you holding?  Where are you sitting? Use all of your senses.
  • Pace your breathing – breathe in for 4 counts, and our for 4 counts
  • Connect with yourself – place your hand on your heart and notice your heartbeat.
  • Explain your emotion to your partner – “My tears come easily.  You do not need to make them go away, they help me move through my emotions.”

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Now it’s your turn.  Comment here, or come continue the conversation with me on Instagram, and let me know what other strategies you use to express yourself so your partner can understand you.