Hi, I'm Dr. Tracy.

I help women improve their relationships

and find balance set boundaries to feel like a team again heal old patterns and feel happy again

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Hi, I'm Dr. Tracy.

I help women improve their relationships

and find balance set boundaries to feel like a team again heal old patterns and feel happy again

I Didn't Sign Up for This weaves storytelling with practical, therapeutic advice, so readers stay engaged while learning how to access their own relationships, work through conflict and express their feelings in a productive way. 

I'm so glad you're here.

Here are some tools to help you strengthen your communication and relationships


Having the Same Fight?

Find out the relationship pattern keeping you stuck.



Struggling to Feel Close?

You just had a fight, but you're not sure what to do next.



Improve Your Intimacy

Download the Free Guide for 5 exercises to try

Relationships are hard...


When was the last time you felt close with your partner? Or maybe you wish you could stop having the same fight over and over again? 

You're trying to manage all that you do. You wish you and your partner were on the same team. But you've tried all the things and nothing seems to change.

Hear me when I say: You can feel close and connected to your partner, even if they aren't ready to go to therapy with you.

You can find ways of communicating that work. You can let go of the guilt that keeps showing up when you try to take a moment for you. You can look over at your partner again and remember why you said yes. 

“I can't speak highly enough of Be Connected and Dr. Tracy Dalgleish. There's so much valuable information and it is so thoughtfully designed and delivered. It gives me an opportunity to carve out some time in my schedule to work on myself and my relationship. I always look forward to the lessons and I feel like it's really helping me strengthen my relationship with my partner

Kristen - Be Connected Member

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Dr. Tracy Dalgleish


I help empower women and couples to improve their communication and build strong and healthy connections with themselves and their partner through therapy, wellness seminars, and my work outside of the therapy room.

I have been working with clients for over 15 years, either through research, therapy, writing, or contributing to popular media sites. 

I break down evidence-based tools and skills that I teach my clients every single day in therapy and make them more accessible for you.

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My services include:
I'm Not Your Shrink
Bringing you clinical knowledge and evidence based research, along with experiences of sitting in the therapist chair and with being a wife and mother. I'm joined by subject matter experts to talk about everyday issues we all face to change the dialogue in your life.