For so many, the holidays stir up so many emotions and old wounds. This is particularly true for parents while they sit in front of their children, seeing their own struggles and triggers being reflected back by their children - a window, an opening to be curious and to heal. And it often brings up questions of - where am I with my parent? How do I feel with them? What works and isn’t working anymore? What am I still holding on to? We’re going to tackle something big today.

Abbey Williams, MSW, LSW is a behavioural health therapist, the found of You, The Mother, the producer and host of the You, The Mother Podcast, Author of “An ABC of Families,” and mother of 4. She is committed to supporting, empowering, and connecting with mothers in all seasons of motherhood. Abbey has been featured in PopSugar, Parents, Romper, and SheKnows. She navigates her blended family/co-parenting life with her husband, four kids, and two sister labs in Cincinnati, OH.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Abbey’s healing journey as she navigates motherhood
  • Acknowledging unhelpful dynamics between family members
  • Grieving old parts of us that aren’t serving you anymore
  • Abbey’s hardest moments on being a mother while also healing old wounds from her family
  • The answer to this question: How do I know when I need to cut contact with my family?
  • Grieving a mother she didn’t have 

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