Welcome to Season 4!

With each season this community passes new milestones and continues to grow! I am incredibly grateful for you - your DMs, downloads, shares, and comments. Each week, you show up. You bring me your ah-ha moments, your wins, and your struggles. Thank you for joining me here and let's get started with another amazing season!

To kick off the season, I am so excited to bring Dr. Becky Kennedy to this space. New York Times bestselling author and child psychologist, Dr. Becky is referred to as the parent whisperer of our time. If there is one thing that resonates with all of us from Dr. Becky's work, it is this: You are good inside. Your kids are good inside. Let's go into today's episode. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What it means to sit with emotions [2:38] and what this looks like with our children [4:30] 
  • The intergenerational legacy of feelings [8:20] 
  • Why acknowledging, validating, and empathizing with others' emotions is not soft [13:15]
  • What happens to a child when no one repairs for them and what it means to go back and repair with your child [23:00]

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