A client once told me through tears that she hadn’t been honouring her, and she pointed to her body.

I could see reflected in her face the experiences of so many women – including me.

It wasn’t just a week of not listening to her body. It was years. Possibly her whole lifetime.

We build these inner dialogues and narratives around our bodies and food, many of them being unconscious that guide us to make daily decisions. Some of these decisions leave us feeling good, albeit temporarily. While many of these are more examples of ways that we deeply abandon ourselves – the inner wisdom that our bodies hold.

In this episode, I’m sitting down with DR. MEAGAN GALLAGHER, psychologist at INTEGRATED WELLNESS, on how we can start to listen to our bodies and goss these old messages around size, food, and body.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The common harmful and negative messages we learn about our bodies
  • Breaking the connection between body size and self-worth (hint: stop saying to yourself that you’ll do something when you lose those 5 pounds)
  • The connection between stress and food (and how we can use our bodies to shift this)
  • Learning to sit in discomfort and acknowledging that our bodies are noisy
  • How to support someone if you suspect they are struggling with their body
  • When to seek professional help

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