We’re getting ready for another holiday season. With Passover, Good Friday, Easter, Eastern Orthodox Easter, and Ramadan coming up, it seemed like a great time to ask you, my community, some important questions about family get togethers and talk about how you want to show up.

When it comes to family gatherings, 46% of you feel “okay negative” about them.

Many said you have negative feelings about things you cannot control (86%). That’s a lot!

One of the things we must recognize is that family gatherings bring out things that we have no control over, including:

  • Other’s views of you
  • Toxic behaviours and comments
  • When others push your boundaries

… and more.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What you can and cannot control when it comes to our family, including acknowledging a key emotion that shows up here
  • Shifting towards consciously choosing so that you can show up aligned
  • Being a united front with your partner

"Such a fantastic compilation of well curated interviews and ideas to support relationships! You will walk away with concrete ideas and big shifts to help your marriage. The podcast beautifully compliments her membership for anyone living in a pandemic and also married." - Drsfe

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