For the parent who just wants their child to be happy.

When I told my daughter that I just needed five minutes before I could rub her back at bedtime, she screamed at me. And what I did next was not my best moment. I could feel it coming over me. I screamed back at her. I know so many parents get to this point – the exhaustion and overwhelm. The Demands. Being pulled in so many directions.

We raise our voice.
We show up not aligned with how we want to.
We maybe even slip into shame.

It was my luck that I was sitting with Dr. Shefali the next day for the podcast. DR. SHEFALI is an acclaimed author, international speaker, and clinical psychologist. You can find out more by checking out her website at, learn more about her COACHING PROGRAM, and follow her on Instagram here.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Navigating one of the hardest relationships in our life – with our children
  • When our expectations are not met and setting our own boundaries
  • Building compassion with ourselves as parents
  • How do we approach the meltdowns
  • How do I get my partner to do this work too

"Such a fantastic compilation of well curated interviews and ideas to support relationships! You will walk away with concrete ideas and big shifts to help your marriage. The podcast beautifully compliments her membership for anyone living in a pandemic and also married." - Drsfe

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I'm Not Your Shrink is a podcast aimed at helping you feel connected to yourself, to others, and to live a life aligned with what matters most to you. I bring you clinical knowledge and evidence based research, along with experiences of sitting in the therapist chair along with being a wife and mother. I'm joined by subject matter experts to talk about everyday issues we all face to change the dialogue in your life.