I am so excited to be returning for another season of I'm Not Your Shrink! I want to start by saying THANK YOU! Thank you for joining me and being part of this community!


I am so thrilled to launch this season with New York Times best-selling author, Eve Rodsky. We previously sat together to to talk about her first book, Fair Play, on Season 2, Episode 19 and today we are talking all about the unicorn space and her new book. 

When I polled my community, over 80% of people (mostly women) say they feel burnt out and "crispy."

Our collective experiences recently have been beyond challenging. The frequent suggestions of “go for a walk” are often not enough anymore.

EVE RODSKY, an expert in family mediation and organizational management, and author of New York Time’s bestselling book FAIR PLAY and FINDING YOUR UNICORN SPACE, and I talk about finding your creative space to ensure a life lived aligned with your values. You can visit her website at https://www.everodsky.com 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why women are so burnt out
  • What is the Unicorn Space and why it’s so important
  • 3 permissions you need to give yourself (Hint: something you need to do with your guilt!)
  • Taking responsibility and choosing discomfort over comfort

"Such a fantastic compilation of well curated interviews and ideas to support relationships! You will walk away with concrete ideas and big shifts to help your marriage. The podcast beautifully compliments her membership for anyone living in a pandemic and also married." - Drsfe

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