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Conquer Resentment in Your Relationship

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In this workshop, you will:


Uncover the specific reasons why resentment is showing up in your relationship.


Identify the communication patterns that keep you stuck - and how to change them. 


Learn how to offload the mental load and set boundaries.


Share your feelings and needs to have a happy relationship.


Learn how to protet your relationship from building this toxic emotion in the future.

" I recently purchased your resentment course and am doing the 28 days of love with my husband....
And I can wholeheartedly say 6 days in and it has been an absolute incredible game changer!"

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Does this sound familiar?

It's been some time since you first met. The honeymoon period has worn off. Maybe you just had your first baby or maybe it's been years since you once prepared the nursery. But now, something has changed. 

You no longer feel close and connected. Communication has become impossible. It feels like you're in a relationship that you didn't sign up for. Feelings of resentment have taken over.

I built this workshop to be accessible for you!

  • Your partner isn't ready to attend couples therapy, but something doesn't feel good. You want things to change.
  • You don't have a lot of time and finding care for the kids is hard. You need flexibility to get the tools to look after one of your most important relationships. 
  • It's hard to find services right now. Waitlists are long and services can be costly. You need help now and at an affordable price. 

A Note from Dr. Tracy...

I know your relationship is important to you. But life is busy and there are so many demands. You feel overwhelmed and struggle to connect with your partner. You feel responsible for all the things and your needs aren't being met.

I get it. 

Resentment is a toxic emotion that slowly erodes at the health of our relationship. It stops us from feeling close and happy.

As a psychologist and couples therapist, I see women and couples in my office every day struggling in their relationships.

I know you are ready for something different. You can create meaningful change in your partnership and build the relationship that you wanted.

Let's start doing something different ... today. 

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  • Being able to stop those repeating arguments that keep happening over and over
  • Asking for the help that you need and stop carrying the mental load
  • Sharing what you feel - and your partner actually getting it
  • Feeling good in your relationship, that your children learn what it means to build a healthy and happy relationship



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What's Included


#1- Workshop Number 1


In the first session,  we will explore why resentment developed in your relationship. At the end of session 1, you will be able to identify your negative communication patterns, the unhelpful thinking patterns and expectations that lead to resentment, the imbalances in your relationship, and your unmet core needs and longings

#2- Workshop Number 2


In the second session we will explore the tools and scripts I teach my clients every single day. You will learn how to create new patterns of communication, share your feelings and needs, rebalance the mental load, and protect your relationship from this toxic emotion showing up again.

#3- Live Question & Answer

At the end of each session Dr. Tracy answered your questions. These Q&A's bring to life how to address some of the most common difficulties showing up in your relationship now. 

The Result? 

A relationship that feels good and shows your children what it means to have a healthy relationship. 

Show up live with Dr. Tracy, a relationship  expert. Accessible to all, Dr. Tracy combines tools from therapy, research  and clinical knowledge to create meaningful and lasting change. 

The Result? 

A relationship that feels good and shows your children what it means to have a healthy relationship.

Show up live with Dr. Tracy, a relationship expert. Accessible to all, Dr. Tracy combines tools from therapy, research, and clinical knowledge to create meaningful and lasting change.

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Be Connected Member

Dr. Tracy was there to offer support as we needed. Things have been more challenging in all aspects of life since the pandemic, and our marriage was no exception. By watching Dr. Tracy’s videos together, we found a common language and process for navigating our challenges.

Mother of Two

I joined your membership a year ago, just before my second child and I'm so glad I did. I've been committing to the program and I really feel like I'm making progress.

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The Changes you need to start feeling good in your relationship.

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Half The Price of One Therapy Session


One time payment

  • Learn why resentment showed up in your relationship.
  • Get the tools and scripts you need to stop negative communication, share your feelings, and offload the mental load.
  • Protect your relationship from building resentment in the future. 
  • Your top questions answered by Relationship Expert Dr. Tracy



Commonly Asked Questions