Learn to repair, feel closer after the fight, and connect with your partner...





AFTER THE FIGHT: Learn to Repair

It's not about never fighting. It's about learning how to come back together and build connection. 
" In this Masterclass I teach you the tools that I use with my clients in my therapy office everyday to repair after the fight. Remember, couples fight, but mastering the repair is a tool you need in your relationship."

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

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Fighting is Normal. The Repair is the Key.

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Relationship Expert, walks you through the essential steps to mastering the repair after a fight with your partner. Register now to watch this FREE session. 

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • What gets in the way of you and your partner repairing
  • Why you actually have to repair
  • My 4 A's to the repair that you can try tonight with your partner
  • How to feel close again AFTER the fight (this one is key!) 

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