Daily Rituals & Relationship Check-In's

A hard truth: No one taught us how to maintain a long term relationship - one that doesn't feel transactional and like roommates.

But you CAN get on the same team and you CAN feel closer and solve your most challenging conflicts by working together on a framework that works for both partners.

These guides are perfect for:

👉 BUSY parents, struggling to find time to connect

👉 New relationships, partners wanting to keep the spark alive

👉 Long-term relationships looking to go from disconnected to close again


With this series of guides:

Discover a framework for connecting with your partner each and everyday.

✅ Learn the steps and strategies needed to have fulfilling weekly check-in's with your partner that will move you and your relationship forward.

✅ Get specific scripts you can implement right away to get your partner on board.

Understand how to have the bigger picture conversation that will get you on the path together for the long term. 

✅ Plan for daily rituals of connection, create a weekly check-in, and use our top Year In Review guide.

Plus, these guides are printable so that you can make them accessible on the fridge of nightstand dresser.

✨ You will walk away having an action plan to set up meaningful check-in's with your partner. 

✨ You will know what to say to get your partner on board.

✨ You will know how to respond to your partner when they are pushing you away

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