Building Security: Understand Your Attachment Styles to Enhance Your Connection

When it comes to feeling connected, sometimes we can feel like we're speaking two different languages, confused and unsure of how to feel close again.

But you CAN get on the same team and you CAN feel closer and solve your most challenging conflicts by learning your attachment styles and the specific strategies that will help you feel safe and secure.


With this guide, you will:

Discover your attachment style and your partner's attachment style

✅ Learn the key ingredients of an A.R.E. Conversation to enhance your feelings of security and connection

✅ Get the top strategies to understand and deal with your attachment pattern

✅ Understand what you can do to help your partner feel more secure based on their attachment style.

Plus, this guide is helpful for people who aren't in a relationship, wanting to discover more about their attachment patterns.


✨ You will walk away having an action plan the next time you spiral into the anxiety that takes over your conflict and pushes your partner away

✨ You will have a list of strategies to use when you want to shut down and walk away

✨ You will know how to respond to your partner when they are pushing you away


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