From Disconnected to Connected

Nurturing Intimacy in Your Relationship

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I Know Your Relationship Is Important To You

And you long for that close connection you had in the early days of your relationship.

Life is busy. 

You feel overwhelmed.

You don’t have the energy (or time!) for intimacy.

You lack connection with your partner – in and outside of the bedroom.

And now, after being together for some time (and also maybe having children), your intimacy is at the bottom of the list, or you don’t know where to start to make changes. You are missing that connection with your partner – both in and outside of the bedroom.


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This Webinar Will Cover

Common Roadblocks

Common roadblocks to intimacy that keeps women feeling disconnected (including the resentment so many women feel)

How To Shift

How to shift beyond your roadblocks as a woman and into your own desire

Improve Your Intimacy

Strategies used in therapy to help you improve your intimacy with your partner

"Dr. Tracy D offered a great workshop and helped me understand some of the barriers to intimacy that comes with years of marriage and having two kids. Great to focus on the positives and not just the issues!"

Mother of Two

"A quick, easy to understand, and affordable workshop full of credible, helpful tips. I am a little more motivated to work on some things in my relationship now!"


"Dr. Tracy D was great! Perfectly scientific yet understandable. Made me feel fairly normal in my/our struggles since having kids (4 and 18 months old). "

Mother of Two

This Webinar is For Women Who:

  • Are feeling disconnected from their partner and want to improve their emotional, physical, and sexual connection
  • Want to identify what stops them from being intimate with their partner and move past these roadblocks
  • Are looking to reconnect with their partner after having a baby (this webinar is not just for moms, it is for all women!)
  • Are not sure where to begin but know they want to improve the intimacy in their relationship

A Message from Dr. Tracy D

As a clinical psychologist and couples therapist, I see women in my office every day talking about their relationship with their significant other. And I, too, know what it means to balance the load between all things that fill me up AND my partnership.

Relationships are hard work! No one teaches us how to communicate or express what it is that we want and need. And when it comes to intimacy, this is an area in our relationships that we tend to struggle the most. The challenge? We don’t always have the time, resources, or interest in attending couples therapy. And with the global crisis impacting all aspects of our wellbeing, our relationships are struggling. This is exactly why I created this webinar – so you can have these tools in your relationship during such a difficult time.

Your relationship matters. You matter.

I can’t wait to see you in the Webinar!


Dr. Tracy D


Join now and receive my BONUS 27-page guide filled with prompts and exercises to help you improve your intimacy with your partner