Know Exactly What To Do After The Fight...



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Many people struggle to say sorry, repair, and feel close after the fight...


Maybe you're stuck in finding who is right or wrong.

Maybe you feel a wall between you two, even after the "I'm sorry..."

Maybe you don't even return to hard conversations and you're starting to feel frustrated....

The reality is that most people didn't learn how to repair, yet repairing with our loved ones is one of the most fundamental skills in building a trusting, secure, and loving relationship.

In this  WORKSHOP you will learn:

... What gets in the way of you and your partner actually repairing.

... Why you have to repair and the implications for your relationship.

... My 4A's to the repair you can try tonight with your partner

... How to feel close again after the fight (this is key!)

All from the comfort of your own home. On your timeline.

Let's put this knowledge into action so you can remember why you said 'YES'

Frequently Asked Questions

    Each section is broken up into 10 minute or less videos. I get it! You're busy. Let's make this workable for your busy life. I get straight to the point so you can get the solutions you need.

    Yes! Questions were answered live, which were all of the most frequently asked questions I get in my community.

    No. The videos are prerecorded from a live training. This way, I didn't miss getting the most out of what I needed to teach you!

Meet Dr. Tracy

I'm a Clinical Psychologist, Author,  and Creator of Be Connected.

I knew that I wanted to take what I learned in my clinical practice and bring it to you. I know how hard it is to get help when you need it. Availability of practitioners, time away from family, along with the financial burden of consistent on-going support. I wanted to break these barriers to getting the tools when you need them. 

So I got to work growing a community online and sharing my expertise with all of you.  

I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Ottawa. I have spent over 17 years in practice working with individuals and couples, and training with renowned relationship experts.

Here is what I know: We learn through stories, so my promise to you is to show up authentically. Because even though I am a psychologist, no one is immune to struggling.