Holding Space For Others

holding space social justice

Each week, I answer your question.

This week’s video is prompted by a comment I received in my DMs after posting THIS on Instagram.

I share this video not as an expert in what is happening in our world today – what has been happening for a long time for black and indigenous people.

Instead, I share this video as an expert in mental health, relationships, and psychotherapy.

“We need to stop being defensive. We need to take responsibility. These are foundational pieces in a healthy relationship, and a healthy connection.”

So what can we be doing?

Read more.

Educate ourselves.

Donate and support black people.

Keep advocating.

Click HERE for a great list of resources to help you with your anti-racism work.


PS. The work is something that we all need to be doing – and I do not exempt myself from this. I signed up for RACHEL CARGLE‘s 30 day challenge as one of the ways that I am challenging my own biases and beliefs. Use her link HERE.